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Lisa Lee Smith recently presented information to the Lexington Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Chapin Sunrise about the disaster relief organization called "ShelterBox "

Julie Davis - Thursday, November 08, 2012

Lisa Smith Shelter Box The mission of ShelterBox and the U.S. affiliate, ShelterBox USA, is to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to survivors of natural disasters and conflict around the world.  One ShelterBox provides a durable tent for an extended family of up to 10 people and life-saving tools, including water purification supplies, blankets, a cook stove, and mosquito nets. ShelterBox has provided aid to more than a million survivors around the world and is a project partner of Rotary International. Recently, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, ShelterBox has been working to identify emergency shelter needs in the United States, Haiti and Cuba.  The Northeastern United States is now expected to be impacted again with high winds, flooding and snow from Nor'easter Athena.  ShelterBox has deployed a Response Team, which has been working with partners and other agencies in the area. The focus at this time is to ensure vulnerable families have adequate temporary shelter and other emergency supplies. As temperatures drop, ensuring families are protected from the cold weather is a priority.  Initially, the team identified a need for warm blankets and is working as quickly as possible to distribute them to those in most need. Yesterday, hundreds of blankets were distributed to evacuees at Suffolk County Health Services and other shelters in the area.  In the next few days, the team will be focusing on the most impacted areas in New Jersey and New York to distribute blankets and identify other unmet non-food needs.      

In addition, ShelterBox is responding to multiple disasters worldwide, including the Syrian refugee crisis in Iraq and widespread flooding in Africa. To learn more about the disasters to which ShelterBox is responding, please visit or follow ShelterBox on Facebook and Twitter.  Lisa Lee Smith of the Davis Frawley law firm is an ambassador for ShelterBox USA and can be contacted to arrange for a presentation to other organizations interested in the work of this charity.


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