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real estateReal estate is a legal term that encompasses land along with improvements (sometimes referred to a dwelling) to the land, such as buildings, fences, wells and other site improvements that are fixed in location. Real Estate is commonly referred to real property.

Real estate law is the regulations and legal codes which considers real property as the subject and includes things such as commercial and residential real property transactions.

In the state of South Carolina, an attorney is required to close your real estate transaction. This law is in place to protect the buyer and to help you understand all of the documents that you are signing. In most cases, there are 2 main types of real estate transactions. The 1st is a purchase money transaction.

The attorney can actually represent all parties in a purchase money transaction. The parties may consist of the buyer, the seller and the lender. The buyer’s representation comes in the way of the mortgage documents and all other documents they may have been required to execute in the purchase of that real property. The representation of the seller arises when the seller does not have their own representation and request the attorney to prepare the deed and any other documents related in the transfer of the real property from one party to the other. The Lender’s representation is in affect via the title search, title insurance and other related recorded documents required to close the mortgage loan. The 2nd type of mortgage transaction is that of a refinance of an existing mortgage loan. Being that there would be no seller, the representation would fall between the borrower and the lender.

The above transactions is just 2 of the specific real estate law that we assist our clients with. Our SC Law Firm handles a plethora of real estate law transaction as you will see the below list of transactions.

• Residential Real Estate Closings
• Commercial Real Estate Closings
• Refinancing
• Equity Lines of Credit
• 1031 Exchanges
• Conservation Easements
• Restrictive Covenant Preparation
• Representation of Homeowners Association
• Contract Preparation
• Deep Preparation
• Title Opinions and Title Insurance
• Co-tenancy Agreements
• Residential and Commercial Lease Preparation
• Installment Sales Contracts
• Easement Preparation
• Mortgage Preparation
• Horizontal Property Regimes
• Legal Residence / Homestead Residential Trusts

Real Estate Litigation is also handled by our team of attorneys. Real Estate Litigation is considered a dispute that involves real property or partial real property.

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