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personal injuryIndividuals who are injured through the neglect or inadvertence of another are entitled to be compensated for their losses. The most common types of personal injury claims are sustained in traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, accidents in the home, product defect accidents, and intentional acts such as assaults. The Personal Injury Lawyers at the Davis Frawley Law Firm have years of experience in personal injury cases, having successfully represented Plaintiffs, in asserting their claims for personal injury, and Defendants, in defending wrongful claims. If you have been injured, call us before you settle your claim, and our attorneys can evaluate your claim, advise you of the applicable law governing your claim and the rights and options available to you, and can represent you in negotiating a reasonable and fair settlement of your claim—or failing that, can file suit and assert your claim against the responsible Defendant through trial and judgment.

If you have been injured, before you sign away any rights you may have, call or e-mail our attorneys at the Davis Frawley, LLC for a consultation.

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