Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The attorneys of Davis Frawley, LLC assist clients in alternative dispute resolution processes involving many areas of law and at different stages of disputes and litigation.

Due to the cost, risks and length of time for resolution of disputes through traditional
litigation before a Jury or Judge, the vast majority of disputes are resolved through some form of
Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an umbrella term used for
any alternative to traditional litigation.  In most cases, ADR affords parties more control of the
process of their litigation and its outcome.  ADR encompasses mediation, arbitration, summary
trials, dispute review panels and an increasing variety of dispute resolution mechanisms that is
limited only by the imagination of people who want to see disputes resolved.  The two main types
of Alternative Dispute Resolution are mediation – where the neutral person assists the parties in
a structured negotiation – and arbitration – where the neutral person or panel decides the case
after some form of trial.

With some narrow exceptions, all civil litigation is required to go through some form of
Alternative Dispute Resolution, most frequently mediation, before getting to the stage of a jury
trial or bench trial.  The parties to litigation can choose the mediator or the Court will
sometimes appoint a mediator from a list of qualified individuals.  Two of the attorneys at the
Davis Frawley, LLC have achieved this additional qualification to serve as appointed mediators, Lisa
Lee Smith and Carey M. Ayer.  Additional information about their services as a mediator and/or
arbitrator can be found at the Mediator – Arbitrator link.

Referral of a case to a Special Referee is also an alternative to traditional court systems, where
an attorney is authorized by the Court to carry out the functions of a judge in the matter.  Two
of the attorneys at the Davis Frawley, LLC serve as Special Referees in civil cases, James Randall
Davis and Lisa Lee Smith.  Additional information about their services as Special Referees can be
found at the Special Referee link.

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