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1Can I recover my attorney fees from the person who sued me if I win?Civil Litigation
2Do I need a lawyer when I buy real estate?Real Estate
3Do I need to have a title search when I buy real estate?Real Estate
4Do towns and cities have attorneys?Utility, Municipal & Government Law
5How many Courthouses has Lexington County had?Utility, Municipal & Government Law
6How often is reassessment of county land values?Utility, Municipal & Government Law
7How will an estate be distributed if no will exists?Probate Estate and Trust Administration
8Is it possible to avoid “probate”?Probate Estate and Trust Administration
9Is it possible to intentionally omit spouse from taking under a will?Estate Planning
10What are the formalities/requirements in signing a will?Estate Planning
11What are the types of title insurance?Real Estate
12What do Common Pleas and General Sessions Court mean?Utility, Municipal & Government Law
13What does Home rule mean?Utility, Municipal & Government Law
14What is a deficiency judgment?Foreclosure and Collection
15What is a foreclosure?Foreclosure and Collection
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